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Good News丨Several Projects of UTMOST Selected in "Guiding Catalog of Key Projects for Technological Transformation of Enterprises in Shandong Province in 2024"

Recently, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2024 key project orientation catalog for Shandong Province, with two projects from UTMOST successfully included in the 2024 provincial key project orientation catalog.


To fully leverage the guiding role of key technological transformation projects, better serve the top project of industrial economic support, and accelerate the advancement of new industrialization, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, together with the People's Bank of Shandong Province, focuses on the province's top 10 industries for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. They have selected a batch of technology transformation key projects with high quality benefits, strong innovation capabilities, good development prospects, and significant traction effect, focusing on key areas such as high-end, intelligent, green, and industrial base reconstruction. In consideration of the financing needs of enterprise technology transformation, they have compiled the "2024 Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Transformation Key Project Orientation Catalog." Projects in the orientation catalog can enjoy priority access to financial support policies at the provincial level in the field of enterprise technology transformation such as "special loans for technological transformation," "special subsidies for technological transformation equipment," and "equity investment."


A variety of products are poised for release, continuously enhancing quality services

Being successfully included in the 2024 provincial key project orientation catalog is not only a recognition of UTMOST's research strength and innovation-driven development strategy but also marks the company's deep commitment to industry demands, expanding production capacity, in-depth exploration, and the creation of a new beginning for serialized products. Moving forward, the company will take this opportunity to strengthen planning, accelerate implementation, fully promote project construction to improve quality and speed, continuously advance technological innovation, enhance service quality, optimize management, empower the industry, bring value to customers, and continuously strengthen core competitiveness.

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