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China Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

UTMOST is a pneumatic knife gate valve manufacturer, pneumatic knife gate valve supplier and exporter of pneumatic knife gate valves in China. Our china valve supplier have a team of experienced engineers who have been committed to manufacturing air actuated knife gate valves that are easy to use, safe and fast to operate. The stainless steel gate prevents sealing leakage caused by lame corrosion. The pneumatic operated knife gate valve is suitable for different kinds of control valve solution such as slurry, powder and granular materials, fibers, and other difficult to control fluids, widely used in paper, petroleum, chemical, drainage, food, and other industries.

Main Technical Parameters of Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

  • Valve design and manufacturing: JB/T8691, GB/T12224

  • The structural length of the valve: GB/T12221

  • Flange connection size: GB/T9113, HG/T20592

  • Valve Inspection and testing: GB/T13927, MSSP SP-61

  • Electric drive device connection size: JBT 8530

  • The operating temperature of the air-operated knife gate valve depends on the sealing type and valve material.

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve Working Performance

The pneumatic knife gate valve has the advantages of simple and compact structure, reasonable design, light and material saving, reliable sealing, light and flexible operation, small size, smooth passage, small flow resistance, lightweight, easy installation, easy disassembly, etc. This automatic knife gate valve can work at a working pressure of 1.0MPa -2.5MPa, normal work under the operating temperature of -29- 425C. The pneumatic knife edge gate valve has a shearing function, which can scrape off the adhesion on the sealing surface and automatically remove the debris. The stainless steel gate of the pneumatic operated gate valve can prevent seal leakage caused by corrosion.

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve Datas

Material & Performance Specifications of Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve Main Parts

Main Connection Dimensions of Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Material of Air Operated Knife Gate Valve Main Parts

Valve body, bonnetGateStemSealing ring
Stainless steel, carbon steel, gray cast ironCarbon steel, stainless steelStainless steelRubber, PTFE, stainless steel, cemented carbide

Knife Gate Valve Pneumatic Main Performance Specifications

Nominal pressure PNShell test (MPa)Seal test (MPa)Operating temperatureApplicable medium
PTFE seal≤180°C
Hard seal≤425°C
Pulp, sewage, coal, ash, slag water mixture

Main Connection Dimensions of Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Nominal pressureDNLD1D2HZ-M

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Get to Know about UTMOST Industrial Valves Company
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