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UTMOST LNG Low-Temperature Regulating Valve Selected for Shandong Province's First Technical Equipment Public Announcement List in 2023 (Set)

Recently, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province announced the list of Shandong Province's first (set) technology equipment and key core component production enterprises and products in 2023. After fierce competition among manufacturing enterprises in the province, Utmost flow control technology has made the list with its LNG low-temperature regulating valve, marking another breakthrough in the company's new product development and application.



The first (set) of technical equipment refers to the major innovations in principles, structures, performances, etc., achieved through original innovation, integrated innovation, or technology digestion, absorption, and re-innovation. These equipment products are complete sets or single machines with significant energy saving, material saving, environmental protection characteristics, and independent intellectual property rights and own brands. Their key technologies and core indicators have reached the leading domestic or advanced international level in similar equipment.

Utmost's LNG low-temperature regulating valve is a result of tackling the problems of frost, ice, valve stem jamming, and leakage in domestic products, as well as the high prices and complicated maintenance of imported products. Based on the above improvement direction, the company has analyzed, researched, improved, and optimized the structural design and material selection of LNG low-temperature regulating valves, developed new solutions, and designed new LNG low-temperature regulating valves to solve the problems of external and internal leakage of the medium and improve the strength and mechanical performance of components, aiming to better meet the regulating needs of LNG low-temperature regulating valves.


  • The company has developed a low-temperature support with a thin-walled extended neck and a low-temperature casing with a vacuum insulation structure, which ensures the normal operation of fillers, actuators, and electrical accessories by moving away from the center point of the ultra-low-temperature medium through physical passive means. The extended neck of the LNG low-temperature regulating valve has been specially designed, incorporating thin-walled design, gap structure, vacuum structure, and an extended neck to achieve reasonable heat conduction, medium diversion, and stable insulation, laying the foundation for preventing icing and frosting on the extended neck.

  • The company has designed a double-guided structure dominated by the casing and support, with the valve core and valve seat serving as secondary guidance, to reduce wear caused by vibration and extend the service life.

  • The company has developed a removable, top-extracting threaded clamping low-temperature structure suitable for cold boxes, which, coupled with disassembly tools, enables fast maintenance and improves inspection and maintenance efficiency.

  • The LNG low-temperature regulating valve adopts a combination sealing structure of metal-wrapped gasket + tapered plug, with dynamic and static sealing, to prevent external leakage of ultra-low-temperature media.



Currently, the company has four products: turbine bypass regulating valve temperature reduction and pressure reduction system, bellows regulating valve, oxygen regulating valve, and LNG low-temperature regulating valve that have entered the list of Shandong Province's first (set) technology equipment and key core component production enterprises and products. Additionally, the company's low-temperature ball valve and low-temperature butterfly valve have also achieved numerous accomplishments and received high praise from customers. These achievements are strong evidence of Utmost's commitment to innovation-driven development and the driving force behind its high-quality development. In the future, the company will continue to increase its research and development efforts in key processes and key equipment, constantly innovate technologies and optimize processes, focus on and address customer needs, expand the boundaries of service, create a rich and ultimate product portfolio, and create more value for customers.

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