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China Fluorine Lined Control Valve

The fluorine linear control valve has the advantages of compact structure, lightweight, sensitive action, S streamlined fluid passage, small pressure drop loss, large valve capacity, accurate flow characteristics, and convenient disassembly and assembly.

This series of linear control valve products have a standard type and adjustable cut-off type. The nominal pressure grade of the auto pressure control valve is PN0.6, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, class150LB; the nominal diameter range is DN20~300; the operating temperature of the linear control valve ranges from -20℃ to +200℃ in many grades; the leakage grade is VI, and the flow characteristic is the linear or equal percentage.

Fluorine Lined Control Valve Technical Specification

Linear control valve size: From DN50 up to DN80

Body material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel

Trim materials: Stainless steel (std.)

End connections: Flanged

Max rating: ANSI 900

Fluorine Lined Control Valve Application

Fluorine linear control valve is widely used to accurately valves and flow control the process parameters of gas, liquid, and other media to keep the pressure, flow, temperature, and liquid level at a given value. Especially used in occasions where the allowable leakage is small and the pressure difference between the front and rear of the linear control valve is not large. 

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