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China Segmental Ball Valve

The adjustment performance of segmented ball control valve is the best among different types of ball valves, the flow characteristics are equal percentages, and the adjustable ratio is up to 100:1. The fisher segmented ball valve has a shearing effect between the V-shaped incision and the metal valve seat, which is especially suitable for media containing fibers, small solid particles, slurry and other media. For more more fisher segmented ball valve specifications request, please contact with Utmost control valve manufacturers china.

Segmental Ball Valve Technical Specification

Size: 1/2"~16"

Pressure: Class ANSI #150~300, PN10~PN64

Ball segment valves body material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, or others

Standard compliance: B16.34, DIN3202 or equivalents

End connections: Flanged Ends

Direct mounting with pneumatic or electric actuators

Full port or regular bore; double block and bleed

Segmental Ball Valve Datas

Performance Parameter of V Type Ball Valve

Size rangeDN 25~250mm NPS 1”-10” (Wafer type)
DN 25~500mm NPS 1”-20” (flange type)
Pressure ratingPN 10/16/25/40/63
Operating temperature Hard seal-29...+450 degrees Celsius
Sealing class Hard seal ClassIV seal
Soft seal ClassVI seal
Body materialcast steel, stainless steel, special material
Valve core/stem materialstainless steel, special material
Seat material:stainless steel surfacing hard alloy, PEEK, PCTFE, Deweilong (flange type)
Stainless steel surfacing hard alloy (wafer type)
Structure length ISA S75.04, IEC/DIN 534-3-2 (flange type)
Haidun Factory Standard (Wafer Type)
Flange standardGB/T 9113.1, JB/T 79.1, HG 20592,ASME B 16.34, ISO 7005 (other connection sizes can be customized on demand)
Application rangePulp and paper, sewage treatment, food and beverage, chemical industry, energy industry, steel industry, etc.

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