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Utmost-An Advanced Intelligent Control Valves Manufacturer

Utmost® is synonymous with high-quality work, high-quality valve wholesale products, the courage to explore, and the pursuit of perfection. Our control valve company is a professional control valve manufacturer in the field of industrial control valves and automatic valve control system equipment. From the partners of world-renowned control valve brands and the after-sales quick response center, through years of experience in different types of valves design, assembly, transformation, maintenance, and debugging, it has developed into a control valve manufacturer with its own brand "Utmost." More than ten years have passed. Today, Utmost is a high-tech control valve company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, service, and technical consulting of control valves. We are the leading china valve factory. If you want to know the the valve price, please contact us.

Types of Industrial Valves and Controls

Control Valve

Single-seat control valve, sleeve control valve, angle control valve, three-way control valve, temperature control valve, bellows sealing control valve, self-regulating control valve, and cryogenic control valve, etc with electric actuator or pneumatic actuator.; for which, a full selection of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resisting steel, alloy steel.

Ball Valve

Floating ball valve and trunnion mounted ball valve, top entry ball valve, piggable valve, DBB valve, mono flange ball valve, jacketed ball valve, 3-way ball valve, V-type/segmental ball valve, full welded ball valve, and cryogenic ball valve, etc; for which, a full selection of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resisting steel, alloy steel.

Butterfly Valve

UTMOST, as one of the most professional butterfly valves manufacturers in China, is devoted to providing high performance different types of butterfly valve. A full selection of butterfly valve materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resisting steel, alloy steel. Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy alloy are on offer; actuators are both on electric and pneumatic options; And the inside nominal diameter ranges between DN50(2") and DN1200(48"), with nominal pressure from PN16(ANSI150) to PN400(ANSI2500), connection type included WAFER/LUG/FF/RF/RTJ.

Gate Valve

OS&Y gate valve included solid wedge and flexible wedge two options, A full selection of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, heat-resisting steel, alloy steel.

Globe Valve

OS&Y globe valve included straight-through globe valve, Y type globe valve, bellows globe valve, angle type globe valve, etc.

Check Valve

Swing check valve, lifting check valve, wafer check valve, axial flow check valve, etc.

Knife Gate Valve

The sealing principle of the knife gate valve is through the gate plate closed to the bottom, the gate bevel cutting surface touches the valve body wedge block makes the gate plate close to the sealing surface to play the sealing effect.

Pneumatic Actuator

Pneumatic diaphragm actuator included positive effect and negative effect type, piston type pneumatic actuator, gear rack type actuator, scotch yoke pneumatic actuator, etc. Accessories included positioner, limit switch, air filter, solenoid valve, etc.

UTM Smart Positioner

UTMOST's positioner includeds pneumatic valve positioner, electro pneumatic valve positioner and intelligent valve positioner. The valve positioner is the main accessory of the control valve. It takes the valve stem displacement signal as the input feedback measurement signal and the controller output signal as the setting signal for comparison.
Control Valve Manufacturing Company Services

Control Valve Manufacturing Company Services

Control Valve Types Technology Consulting

Technology consulting provided by Utmost includes improving craft process and different types of valves selecting in complex working conditions, so that more reliable technical parameters can be achieved. Advisers in our control valve company are equipped with good knowledge and field practice of generaI valve buy trades, for of complex engineering, and maintenance experiences. Welcome to contact us to get the latest valve cost.

Valves and Flow Control Installation & Commisioning

As installation & commissioning is the key step to assure long-term failure-free control valve operation, our control valve factory advises adopting the Utmost solutions. Utmost service engineers will make sure that your operations are based on a secured and proper process of working, and this is the very concept Utmost staff has been coming along with for years of field installation and commissioning. 

Valve Control Systems Maintenance, Renovation, and Reforming

Utmost is not only the control valve manufacturing company of first-rate valves but also a loyal business partner to all clients. We are so much willing to provide continued repairing and maintenance to your different types of valves according to their respective requirements. And with such efforts, the service life of valve and the valve cost can be substantially prolonged and reliability improved.

Maintenance and Renovation Service Details, All Foresaid Procedures are Completed In A Strict Control Valve Quality Control System.

- Suggest regular valve type testing

- Assess faults on the control valve

- Predict the valve cost of reasonable maintenance plan

- Dismantle valves and controls completely clean and sandblast of all parts

- Replace worn spacers and sealing units

- Renovate the valve seal, by hard coating including surfacing

- Repair and replace the worn parts

- Conduct thorough voltage withstand and leak tests

- Repaint the control valve surface

- Conduct thorough commissioning about all control valve types parts before the valve is completed for packing

Get to Know about UTMOST Industrial Valve Manufacturer
Get to Know about UTMOST Industrial Valve Manufacturer
We UTMOST Valve China create value for customers while adhering to environmental protection, safe and health.