Utmost Flow Control Technology Co., Ltd.
Utmost Flow Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Quality Control

1. Measuring and monitoring of production process. 

2. Measuring and monitoring products.

3. Incoming quality inspection.

4. Control nodes of measuring and monitoring in each production process.

5. Inspection of mechanical processing.

6. Welding inspection.


8. Heat treatment inspection

9. Assembly inspection.

10. Pressure testing.

11. Shot blasting/slinging inspection.

12. Special test.

13. Paint inspection.

14. Measuring and monitoring finished products.

15. Warehouse-in inspection.

16. Packing inspection.

17. Monitoring and measuring of final products.

18. Measuring and monitoring records on processes & products.

19. There must be data on all records on measuring and monitoring of processes & products in corresponding columns and signs or seals of the authorizer to indicate the authorized person in charge being responsible for releasing qualified products and clearly indicate whether products pass measuring and monitoring based on specified standards. For unqualified products, handle them based on Control Procedures for Unqualified Products.

20. QAD shall be responsible for keeping records on measuring and monitoring processes & products. When there are stipulations in the contract, QAD shall provide them for customers for reference.

Quality System Information

Quality Control Policy: law-abiding, safe production, high quality and efficiency, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

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