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China UTMOST Valves for LNG

UTMOST produces lNG valves that include oxygen control valves, oxygen venting valves, high-pressure nitrogen control valves, cold box cryogenic control valves, etc. for air separation plants of different specifications.

Based on the long-term development prospects of the LNG industry, UTMOST has developed common cryogenic LNG valve and cryogenic flow control valve for two key links in the LNG industry chain, natural gas liquefaction plants, and LNG receiving stations. And designed a multi-stage pressure-reducing valve with a slightly complex structure design and greater difficulty in localization, analyzed the process requirements and the selection points of the multi-stage pressure-reducing structure in detail, developed the UTMOST independent brand, and summarized the low-temperature LNG types of control valves used in industry in the built stations. 

China UTMOST Valves for LNG

China UTMOST LNG Valves Advantages in LNG Industry

Key considerations for design and experimentation. Propose the next step for the promotion and application of cryogenic valves: combine the actual application situation to do a good job in UTMOST's assessment process, risk suppression, application performance collection, etc., continue to improve our company's valve equipment manufacturing level in the LNG industry, and create more value for the LNG industry. 

China UTMOST LNG Valves for LNG Industry

Order numberProject nameApplicationsSpecifications and modelsQuantityOrder number
1Lijin Petrochemical 2.6 million tons/year heavy oil hydrogenation and oil quality upgrading projectsingle-seat control LNG valve and the high-pressure control LNG valve1"~6" 150lbs~600lbs A216WCB/316l~nitr18 Set215007LHY
2Oxygen regulating valve of four-nozzle gasifier of Yankuang Guotai ChemicalHigh-pressure oxygen control LNG valve3" 600lbs Inconel625~kolst.Four215011YKGT
3Zibo water ring vacuum pump plant supporting Yang coal leveling ethylene glycol projectsingle-seat control LNG valve1"~2" 150lbs~600lbsA216WCB/316LThe 16 sets215008SDHC
4Fluidized bed coal to gas project of Aluminum Corporation Shandong BranchGasification, purification device control LNG valve, butterfly LNG valve, self-operated LNG valve1"~28" 150lbs~900lbs A351CF8M/A216WCB/316L~nitr64 Set215009ZLSD
5Shandong Jinling Chemical Co., Ltd., silicone workshop transformationDirect control LNG valveDN15~50 PN16   A351CF8M/A216WCB/316L~nitrThe 37 sets215017SDJL
6Liin Petroleum and Chemical Plant LtdHigh-pressure steam vent LNG valve12" 600lbs A217WC6A215013LHY
7Update and construction project of oxygen vent regulating valve of Yankuang Hongtexacu GasifierHigh-pressure LNG oxygen flow control valve4"~6" 600lbs~900lbs Inconel625~kolst.Four215010GH
8Yankuang Guohong 2015 Production expansion ProjectHigh-pressure steam vent LNG valve1"~6" 150lbs~1500lbs A351CF8M/A216WCB/WC6/WC9Seven215014YKGH
9Tangshan Dimu Chemical Co., Ltd. hydrogenation projectHigh-pressure hydrogen control LNG valve2" 900lbs A216WCB/316~nitr.A215015DMHG
101.0MPA Oxygen Pressure Reduction Project of Yankuang Lunan Chemical Fertilizer PlantHigh-pressure oxygen control LNG valve3" 600lbs Inconel625~kolst.A215018LH
11Xinneng Phoenix (Tengzhou) Energy Co., LtdDeep-cooled liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquid nitrogen control LNG valve, cut-off LNG valveDN40~100 PN40 A351CF8M/316~stel.Nine215019XNFH
12Liin Petroleum and Chemical Plant Ltdregulating LNG valve1-6" 600-900lbs A216WCB/316Four215020-022LHY
13Tianjin Zhiyuan ProjectOxygen control valve, cut-off valve, and exhaust LNG valve1"~2" 900lbs~1500lbs Inconel625~kolst./ Monel400/CF8Three215026TJZY
14Aluminum Corporation Xingxian alumina project supporting gas station projectOxygen control LNG valve2"~8" 150lbs A351CF8M /316ssThree215024XMZL
15Tangshan Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. Heavy-benzene separation projectDirect-through control LNG valve, bellows control LNG valve, three-pass control LNG valve1"~3" 150lbs A351CF8M /316LEight sets215025TSXY
16Yangquan Coal Industry Group to pacify the ethylene glycol projectsingle-seat control LNG valve, deep cold control LNG valve, cut-off ball LNG valve, deep cold cut-off LNG valve1"~12" 150lbs~1500lbs A216WCB/A351CF8M A351CF3M /316L78 Set215029YMPD
17Aluminum Corporation Xingxian alumina project supporting gas station project LNG single seat control valve1"~12" 150lbs~1500lbs A216WCB/A351CF8M A351CF3M /316L44 Set215030ZLXX
18Yankuang Guotai Chemical Industry, Lunan Chemical Fertilizer Maintenance and Jane ProjectHB special material LNG valve, bellows control LNG valve, eccentric rotary LNG valve1"~6" 150lbs~600lbs A216WCB/A351CF8M /HB2 /316LThe 17 sets215034GH
19Yankuang Guohong Chemical Co., LtdAngle control LNG valve6" 900lbsA215033GH
20Lijin Petroleum and Chemical Plant Co., Ltd. 2.6 million tons of slag oil hydrogenationHigh-pressure angle valve for the LNG main device3"~6" 1500lbs~2500lbs A216WCB/A216WCC/A351CF8C /HC /316LThe 17 sets215032LHY

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