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China UTMOST Valves for Air Separation

Air separation units are widely used in important industries such as metallurgy and the chemical industry. Pneumatic control valves are widely used in air separation plants, in order to adapt to changes such as air separation plants becoming larger and technology updates, also gradually have a new design and use ideas and methods. Since extra-large air separation plants are basically used in the chemical industry, the pressure of the product gas will be required to be above several MPa, and the high-pressure difference leads to the high flow rate of the oxygen medium regulating valve. Safety is the first and most important outstanding issue, so choosing the appropriate material is especially critical. In the case of a high flow rate, the valve body is all made of MONEL material or the valve core is made of MONEL material to ensure the safety of the oxygen medium. UTMOST industrial valves company accurately calculates the flow rate of the gas, strictly follows the international IGC, factory standards, and other standards, selects the appropriate material reasonably, and solves the problem of using the regulating types of control valves used in industry in the air separation plant.

China UTMOST Valves for Air Separation

China UTMOST Valves Advantages in Air Separation Industry

With the development of air separation plants to extra-large, the caliber of GLOBE valves will be very large. Generally, GLOBE valves with diameters larger than DN250 are difficult to find in the market, and the price will be much higher. If you choose a butterfly valve such as the soft seal butterfly valve, there will be problems such as relatively poor adjustment performance and the inability to adjust small openings. Therefore, at this time, it will be considered to use two pipelines and two valves in parallel. The advantage of this use is that the coordinated control of the two valves has better adjustment accuracy when the opening degree is small. In the initial stage of equipment start-up, one valve is used for adjustment; in normal working conditions, one valve is fully open and another valve is used for adjustment. At present, extra-large air separation plants are mostly used in the chemical industry. Many large-scale coal chemical industries are built in remote areas such as Inner Mongolia. At this time, the impact of the environment on the valve also needs to be considered. Valve accessories for different environments (including positioners, solenoid valves, etc.).

China UTMOST Valves for Air Separation Cases

Order numberProject nameApplicationsSpecifications and modelsQuantityOrder number
1Yankuang Guohong Chemical Co., Ltdcontrol valve3'' 1500lbsA216019YKGH
2Langfang Xinzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltdangle valve2"2500lb s A217WC6Four216020ZXH
3Shandong and Shanxi coal and bright water Dahua clean coal gasification projectcontrol valve2-12" 150-300lb s A216WCB 316Seven216021MSDH
4Lijin Petrochemical Plant Co., Ltd. Lihua Yi Yuanda adjustment valve procurement projectcontrol valve1.5"~6" 150s~300lbsFive216022LHY
5Shaanxi future energy and sulfur recovery, demineralized valve procurement projectcontrol valve1"-10"150lb sTwo216024SXWL
6Lihua Lijin Refining and Chemical Co., Ltdcontrol valve2-3" 150-300lb s CF8MSeven216025LHY
7Esisen (China) flocculant Co., Ltdcontrol valve3'' 300lbs A216WCB 316A216026AS
8LiHuayi Petrochemical Co., Ltdcontrol valve4'' 150lbs A216WCBTwo216027LHY
9Lihua Yiyuan Chemical Co., Ltdcontrol valve1'' 150lbs CF8Three216028LHY
10Hebei Jinmei Jinshi Chemical Investment Group Co., LTD., Gaocheng Branch

Special material oxygen flow control valve

steam control valve

3-6 "600lb s A217WC6 316Two216029JMJS
11Shandong Mingshui Chemical Co., Ltd. Clean coal gasification projectcontrol valve4"~8" 150s~300lbsSeven216021MSDH
12Shaoxing Chemical Co., Ltd. High-concentration resource treatment, harmless demonstration device projectOxygen regulating valve, nitrogen control valve

1.5" ~4" 300~ 600lbs  

Inconel625, A351CF8M

13Xinfeng Phoenix Energy Co., Ltd. Low-temperature methanol washing and conditioning valve projectLow temperature control valve2" ~6" 150~600lbs conel625Nine216030XNFH
14Langfang Xindi project trial valvecontrol valve8" 300lbs A216WCBA216032LFXD
15Shijiazhuang Onlai Electric Automation Co., Ltdcontrol valve4" 150~300lbs A216WCB, CF8Two216033ALDQ
16Wulan self-provided power stationelectric control valve1.5~12" 150~600lbs A216WCB, CF8Nine216034WL
17Lihuayi syngas vent valvecontrol valve4" 600lbs WC9Three216035LHY
18Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., a 500,000-ton ethylene glycol projectpneumatic control valve1~6" 150~ 600lbs A216WCB, CF8The 16 sets216036HLHS
19Henan Yutian Neng source coke oven gas production LNG projectcryogenic control valve, butterfly valve self-operated typeDN25~250 PN25~40 CF818 Set216037HNYT
20Shandong Hengrui Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Coke oven gas comprehensive utilization system and LNG and hydrogen separation projectHydrogenation control valve1~12" 150~ 900lbs A216WCB, CF830 Units216038HWHG

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