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Coal Chemical Valves

China UTMOST Valves for Coal Chemical Industry

The coal chemical industry is an industry that uses coal as raw material and converts coal into solid, liquid, and gas fuels and other chemicals through chemical processing. As the core control valve solution component in the coal chemical industry, the control coal valve is used in a very harsh environment. The multiphase flow composed of gas, liquid and solid usually flows in the control coal valve, and it works under high temperature, high pressure, and high corrosion environment. 

China UTMOST Valves for Coal Chemical Industry

China UTMOST Coal Valve Advantages in Coal Chemical Industry

Due to the particularity of the coal chemical process, various control valves used in the production process are related to the stability and safety of the production, and play a vital role in the coal chemical project. As a control valve factory, UTMOST control coal valve solves the shortcomings of domestic valves in the field of coal chemical industry, increases the safety and service life of the coal valve through unique design, greatly saves the cost of coal chemical enterprises, and brings more profits to coal chemical enterprises.

China UTMOST Coal Valve for Coal Chemical Industry

Order numberProject nameApplicationsSpecifications and modelsQuantityOrder number
1Yangyang Coal Group, Shouyang Chemical Industry, 2 million tons/year urea combined production of 400,000 tons of ethylene glycol projectDirect access to the single-seat control coal valve, vent coal valve, and high-pressure steam control coal valve1~6" 150lbs~600lbs A216WCB/ /A351CF8C /316/41034 Set215036YMSY
2Xinjiang Jiahong 100,000 tons/year BS Bright Oil ProjectDirect access to the single-seat control coal valve and the eccentric rotary coal valve0.5~4" 150lbs~600lbs A216WCB/ /A351CF8C /31643 Set215035JYHN
3New Coal Chemical Design Institute Henan alumina project supporting gas station projectCoal flow control valve for oxygen2"~8" 150lbs  A351CF8M /316ssThe 12 sets215040XMHN
4Tangshan Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. Heavy-benzene separation projectHigh-pressure steam control coal valve8" 600lbs A216WCB /316~stelA215042XY
5Yima Coal Industry Comprehensive Energy Methanol Protein Co., LTDHigh-pressure steam control coal valve6" 600lbs WCC /416SST~HDA215038HNYM
6Langfang Xinzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Xinzhi sludge treatmentHigh pressure forging coal angle type control valve2" 2500lbs 316ss/2.4681A215043XA
7Tangshan Dimu Chemical Co., Ltd., benzene hydrogenation projectHigh-pressure differential air corrosion resistance control coal valve1"~8" 150~600lbs A351CF8M /316ssThree215044TSDM
8Low temperature control valve for energy saving and potential exploration optimization project of Yankuang Guohong Chemical Co., LtdLow temperature control coal valve1"~12" 150~600lbs A351CF8M /A352LCB、316~nitr.stel.Seven215045GH
9Tangshan Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltdcontrol coal valve6" 150lbs A216WCB 316A215046TSXY
10Xinneng Phoenix (Tengzhou) Energy Co., LtdOxygen control coal valve3" 900lbs Inconel625A215048XNFH
11New Coal Chemical Industry Design Institute (Shanghai) Co., LTDcontrol coal valve1.5" 150lbs A216WCB /316SSA215049ZLSD
12Akoma (China) Changshu BranchImport control coal valve, replace angle travel detonation isolation positionerDN125 PN16 WCB/316ss U529DFour215055AKM
13Beijing Huafu Engineering Co., Ltd. (Wulan Da Chemical Fertilizer)control coal valve1-16" 150-600 lbs A216WCB 31663 Set215056WLMT
14Tianjin Xinyi Technology Development Co., Ltdcontrol coal valve8" 150lbs A216WCB 316A215057TJXY
15Yangquan Coal Industry Group to pacify the ethylene glycol projectcontrol coal valve1"~12" 150lbs~1500lbs A216WCB/A351CF8M A351CF3M /316LTwo215060YMPD
16Nantong Times Automation Equipment Co., Ltdcontrol coal valve4" 150lbs A216WCB /316A215061XZHD
17Yankuang Guohong Chemical Co., Ltd. Transform, methanol device energy saving and tap potential optimization project adjustment valvesingle-seat control coal valve, three-eccentric butterfly coal valve and angle coal valve1"~14" 150~600lbs A351CF8M /A351CF8C~316~nitr.stel./321hard.18 SetGHBJ15620
18Yankuang Xinjiang coal chemical four-way nozzle gasifier technical renovation projectOxygen control coal valve3" 900lbs Inconel625A215059YKXJ
19Wulan Coal Group Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 1.35 million tons of synthetic ammonia and 2.4 million tons of urea project. Phase I project of synthetic ammonia and urea plantHigh pressure control coal valve, eccentric rotary coal valve1"~16" 150~900lbs A351CF8M /A352LCB, 316~nitr.stel.63 SetP-HF1028-8403
20Langfang Xinzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Xinzhi sludge treatmentHigh pressure forging Angle coal valve2" 2500lbs double phase steel 2205 / SS2205Two215058XDNY

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