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China Oxygen Control Valve

The main difference between the oxygen flow control valve and the ordinary control valve is: one more production process requires oil-free treatment. Generally, carbon tetrachloride cleaning can achieve the purpose of degreasing and oil-free. The flow control valve for oxygen adopts a top-oriented structure and is equipped with a multi-spring actuator. As a control valve factory, UTMOST oxygen flow control valve has the advantages during the use such as compact structure, lightweight, sensitive action, S streamline flow channel, small pressure drop loss, large valve capacity, accurate flow characteristics, and convenient disassembly and assembly. Please feel free to contact our control valve manufacturers in china for more information.

Oxygen Control Valve Datas

Technical Data of Oxygen Control Valve

DN (mm)2025324050
Seat diameter dn(mm)101215201012152025323240324050
KVEqual percentage1.62.546.31.62.546.310161625162540
Stroke L1625
Effective area of diaphragm Ae(cm2)280400
Seat diameter dn(mm)6565806580100125125150150200250
Equal percentage636310063100160250250400400630900
Stroke L4060100
Effective area of diaphragm Ae(cm2)6001001600
PNMPa1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4(6.3)/2.0, 5.0, 11.0
Bar16, 25, 40, 64(63)/20, 50, 110
LbANSI:Class150, Class300, Class600
Flow characteristicsStraight line, equal percentage
Adjustable ratio(R)30, 50
Spring (signal) range Pr(KPa)20~100, 40~200, 80~240, (20~60, 60~100)
Air pressure Ps(MPa)0.14/0.25/0.3
Allowable leakagemetal plug:Ⅳ(10-4×Kv)   soft plug:Ⅵ
Operating temperature (℃)Normal temperature type-20~200, -40~250, -60~250
Cooling typeS-40~350, -60~350
High temperature typeG350~550(Select high temperature materials)
Low temperature typeDD0:-60~-100, D1:-100~-200, D2:-200~-250
Adjust cut typeQ-40~150 (plug reinforced PTFE) (used in special cases)

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Get to Know about UTMOST Industrial Valves Company
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