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China Full Welded Ball Valve

Since the full welded ball valve seat is composed of a carbonized Teflon seal ring and a disc spring, it has strong adaptability to pressure and temperature changes, and will not cause any slippage within the marked pressure and temperature range. The processing of the sphere is tracked and detected by an advanced computer detector, so the processing accuracy of the sphere is high.

Due to the high quality ball valve body material is the same as the pipe material, there will be no uneven stress, and no deformation due to earthquakes and vehicles passing the ground, and the pipe is resistant to aging. The metal ball valve body of the sealing ring is made of RPTFE with a content of 25% Carbon, which guarantees no leakage (0%).

The direct-buried fully welded ball valves can be directly buried in the ground, instead of building high and large valve wells, only small shallow wells are set on the ground, which greatly saves construction costs and engineering time.

Full Welded Ball Valve Technical Specification

Size: 1/2"~16"(DN15~DN400)

Pressure: Class ANSI #150~900, PN10~PN150

Fully welded ball valves body material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, or others

Standard compliance: EN12516, DIN3357-1 or equivalents

End connections: Flanged Ends OR BW, SW

Direct mounting with pneumatic or electric actuators

Full port or regular bore; double block and bleed

Full Welded Ball Valve Structure Features

  • The high quality ball valve is composed of a full welding body together with the RPTFE sealing which ensures the full welded ball valve can work well in there are countries or chemical substances.

  • The floating ball structure and the flexible seat will ensure the ball and the sealing connects each other tightly. Even when the pressure is not stable, the fully welded ball valves can also have good sealing.

  • The stem can be extended which is good for keeping the temperatures table.

Full Welded Ball Valve Datas

Main Connection Dimensions of Full Welded Ball Valve

Materials of Fully Welded Ball Valve Main Parts

Main Performance Specification of Full Welded Ball Valve


*The dimension of welded end connection can be designed and manufactured according to the buyers' request.

Part NameMaterials
HandleCarbon steel
Retaining ringSS304
O- ringViton
Ball seatRPTFE
Back-up ringSS304
Spring washerSS304
Valve casingSt.37.0

Design and ManufactureAPI 6D, ASME B16.34, API 608, MSS-SP-72
Face-to-FaceManufacturer's specification
*Connection EndFlangedASME B16.5
Butt-WeldingASME B16.25
Test and InspectionAPI 598, API 6D
Fire TestAPI 607, API 6FA

Main Performance Specification of Full Welded Ball Valve

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