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China Pneumatic Penetration Insert Valve

The pneumatic penetration insert valve is simple in structure, flexible in operation, light in weight, no jamming, especially suitable for all kinds of non-viscous solids, grain materials, and flow regulation, installation is not limited by the angle, easy to operate, can adjust the opening degree at any time. Mainly used in papermaking, building materials, metallurgy, mining, electric power, chemical industry, glass, light industry, food, and other industries such as the top of the warehouse, the bottom of the warehouse, and import and export. This automatic knife gate valve is the ideal equipment to adapt to the control flow changes, start frequently, and can be quickly cut off.

Working Performance of Pneumatic Penetration Insert Valve

The electric or pneumatic plug valve is usually used in conjunction with the metal seal butterfly valve. The valve control systems are opened and closed by the valve seat top opening mechanism (hydraulic cylinder) and the valve plate walking mechanism (hydraulic motor), for example, the valve plate is set up through-hole seat and blind hole seat. The valve plate through-hole seat and blind hole seat switch by the top open (loosen the valve plate) → valve plate transverse movement → clamping (valve plate sealing vice to achieve sealing) and other actions to complete, so as to achieve the opening and closing of the valve. The valve seat opening mechanism and the valve plate moving mechanism of the electric insert valve are driven by electric devices.

Pneumatic Penetration Knife Gate Valve Datas

Material & Performance Specifications of Pneumatic Penetration Knife Gate Valve Main Parts

Main Connection Dimensions of Pneumatic Penetration Knife Gate Valve

Material of Main Parts

Valve body, bonnetValve seatGateFillerSealing ring
PTFFPTFF, Alloy seal

Main Performance Specifications

Nominal pressure PNShell test (MPa)Seal test (MPa)Operating temperatureApplicable medium
PTFE seal≤l80°C Hard
Pulp, sewage, coal ash, slag water mixture

Main Connection Dimensions of Knife Gate Valve

Nominal pressureDNLD1D2HZ-M(m)

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Get to Know about UTMOST Industrial Valves Company
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