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China UTMOST Valves for Power Station

Types of valves used in thermal power plant are mainly distributed in three major systems of the boiler, steam turbine, and auxiliary machine, followed by many auxiliary systems. For generator sets with medium temperature and medium pressure steam parameters, a small number of domestic conventional solution control valves are generally used, while for high-parameter, large-capacity thermal power generating units, generally more than 100MW, more and more imported control valves are used in thermal power plant. The higher the parameter, the larger the capacity of the unit.

China UTMOST Valves for Power Station

Advantages of UTMOST Types of Valves in Power Plant

The thermal control technology of the types of valves in power plant and the safe and economical operation of the unit are the main goals, and various regulating power valves are used as an effective means to achieve safe operation.

UTMOST better solves the problem of regulating valves in power plant for high-temperature and high-pressure environments. As one of the most professional control valve manufacturers in china, Our control of materials and control valve used in thermal power plant technology can make our valve types used in thermal power plant safer and more durable in high-temperature and high-pressure environments, bringing more benefits to the power industry. 

Different Types of Valves Used in Thermal Power Plant

Order numberProject nameApplicationsSpecifications and modelsQuantityOrder number
1Liin Petroleum and Chemical Plant LtdValve locator actuator spare partsU529I UTI UTII UTIIINine216022LHY/216023LHY
2Syngenta Crop Protection Co., LtdSteam pressure relief valve of temperature reduction and pressure reduction station4" 150lbs WCB/316ssA216018ZXHD
3Shan Southwest Yao Group Changjinyuan Coking Co., Ltd. Coal gasification instead of coke oven gas comprehensive utilization projectGasifier oxygen control valve1"~6" 1500lbs Monel400Five sets216002NY
4Yankuang Xinjiang coal chemical four-way nozzle gasifier technical renovation projectGasifier oxygen control valve3" 600lbs~1500lbs Inconel625Six sets216003YKXJ

5Yankuang Guohong Chemical Co., Ltdpneumatic control valve3-6" 150-900lbs A351CF8Ten sets216004YKGH
6Yima Coal Industry Comprehensive Energy Methanol Protein Co., LTDBlackwater control valve6" 150lbs CF8 /316SST~HDA216007YMZN
7Wulan Coal Group Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 1.35 million tons of synthetic ammonia and 2.4 million tons of urea project. Phase I project of synthetic ammonia and urea plantHigh-pressure control valve, V-ball, low-temperature control valve1"~6" 150~600lbs A351CF8M /A352LCB, 316~nitr.stel.33 Set216006WL
8Shandong Mingshui Chemical Co., Ltd. Clean coal gasification projectLow temperature control valve1"~10" 150s~600lbs   A351CF8/WCB/LCC316ss~HD34 Set216014MSDH
9Xinneng Phoenix chemical low temperature regulating valve projectcryogenic flow control valve1"~8" 300s~600lbs   A351CF8M/WCB316ssEight sets201602KOSO
10Xinneng Phoenix Chemical four-jet nozzle gasifier technical renovation projectOxygen control valve3"  600lbs Inconel625The 12 sets216008XNFH
11Yankuang Guotai Chemical Co., LtdOxygen control valve3" 600lbsFour216009YKGT
12Yankuang Guotai Chemical Co., Ltdcontrol valve1-4'' 150lbs CF3M 316Two216010YKGT
13Yankuang Guohong Chemical Co., Ltdcontrol valve4'' 600lbs CF3M 316A216011YKGH
14Urumqi Zhibo Hengxin Automation Technology Co., LTDBellows lined control valve2" 300lbs A216WCB+PFA/316+PFAEight sets216012ZT
15Shandong Mingshui Chemical Co., Ltd. Clean coal gasification projecttemperature-decreased pressure reducerThe control valve is 300s to 600 l b sThree216015MSDH
16Syngenta Nantong Crop Protection Co., Ltd. (Nantong Times)Self-operated control valve1'' 150lbs A216WCC 316Three216016XZHD
17Langfang Xinzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Xinzhi Sludge Treatment ProjectHigh pressure Angle valve2'' 2500lbsTwo216017XZH
18Syngenta Nantong Crop Protection Co., Ltd., independent regulating valve projectself operated control valve6'' 600lbsThree216016XZHD
19Inner Mongolia Gangyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. 633,000 K V A calcium carbide furnace technical transformation annual output of 100 million Nm3LNG projectLow temperature control valve1"~10" 150s~600lbs   A351CF8/WCB/LCC316ss~HD104 Units216031GY
20Lijin Petroleum and Chemical Plant Co., Ltd. Four regulating valve procurement projectcontrol valve3'' RF316 is openFour216023LHY

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Get to Know about UTMOST Industrial Valves Company
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