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How to install the control valve

1). The control valve should be installed vertically and upright on the horizontal pipeline. For control valves with nominal diameter DN ≥ 80mm, permanent supports shall be set on the front and rear pipes of the valve.

2). The installation position of the control valve shall be convenient for operation and maintenance. Platforms shall be provided if necessary.

3). The piping of the control valve group shall be compact and convenient for operation, maintenance and drainage.

4). Sufficient space shall be reserved for the upper and lower parts of the control valve to remove the actuator, valve internals, lower flange, and plug of the valve during maintenance.

5). When the control valve is used for high viscosity, easy crystallization, easy vaporization, and low-temperature fluids, thermal insulation and antifreeze measures shall be taken.

6). The ambient temperature of the control valve is generally not higher than 60 ℃ and not lower than - 40 ℃.

7). When the valve is installed in a place with vibration, anti-vibration measures shall be considered.

8). For the valve control system without a valve positioner, a small pressure gauge indicating the control signal shall be installed on the diaphragm head.

9). When the control valve is used for fluid containing suspended solids and high viscosity, it shall be equipped with a flushing pipeline.

10). When installing the control valve, pay attention to making the medium flow in the direction of the calibration arrow of the valve body.

11). The control valve shall be checked and calibrated first and installed after pipeline purging.

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