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Embracing Spring with Sports | Witness the Unyielding Spirit of UTMOST in Never Giving Up!

To enrich the cultural life of the employees and demonstrate the spirit of solidarity and hard work, on March 21st, the UTMOST Party Branch organized a thrilling and intense tug-of-war competition as part of activities that employees enjoy. Eight teams from the production center participated in this exciting competition, using the tug-of-war rope as a means to bond and ignite their competitive spirit, vying fiercely for the championship title. The competition was electrifying!

With slogans like "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves, Youth Soars," "We're Not Afraid of Failure, We're Afraid of Not Trying," "Confidence Leads to Victory, Arrogance Leads to Defeat," and "I'm the Master of My Youth, Steel, Cement, Mixed Soil," echoing across the arena, the eight teams made their confident group appearances before the competition. The members, with their robust and powerful physique, exuded confidence and determination. As the morale surged higher with each wave, the competition kicked off with an electrifying atmosphere.

The showdown was about to begin.


As the competition whistle blows, the participating team members grip the long rope tightly, anchoring their feet firmly. Leaning back with determination, they pull together with all their might. Party members of the company's branch continuously strategize based on the on-site situation, assisting the team to cooperate more tacitly during the competition. Everyone races against time, striving and struggling. Laughter and cheers fill the entire competition venue, as the intense competition pushes the atmosphere to its climax.

control-valve-manufacturers-china-20240327-8.jpgTeam of "All Wishes Come True"

Come on over here!!!!


Team of "One to beat"

We won't let your "All Wishes Come True"!


Exerting all our strength

Struggling in this moment!!!

When ingenuity meets brute force, it's a showdown of extraordinary skill against muscle-bound men.


When the powerhouse from the machining workshop met the peak muscle men from the assembly workshop, the competition ceased to be a simple 20-person contest. Employees from the machining and assembly workshops spontaneously took their positions, cheering and rallying for their respective teams, shouting "Go... Go..." With the thunderous cheers of the cheerleaders echoing around the arena, the rhythmic chants of "One, two... One, two..." from the team members filled the air. Like fierce tigers, they tightly gripped the rope, lowered their stances, and gave it their all, bravely striving for victory, determined to reach the pinnacle.

A moment of glory ensued


The Champions' Brigade: Team of "One to beat"


Runner-up: Team of "Hidden Dragon"


Third Place:  Team of "Victorious Journey"


Fourth Place: Team of "Dreams Come True"

Rowing against the current with all our strength, every stroke pushing us closer, every slackening paddle retracting us miles away. With one rope, one force, and one heart, this tug-of-war competition not only enriched the cultural life of the employees but also showcased the unity and perseverance of UTMOST's workers. Firmly holding onto our goals like grasping onto a green hill, exerting all efforts without yielding to setbacks, we are bound to overcome any obstacles and achieve ultimate victory. Moving forward, the company branch will continue to organize diverse and enjoyable cultural and sports activities, igniting the enthusiasm of the workers to strive for excellence, to strive for being the best, and to strive for uniqueness. Together, we will stride forward on the new journey, making new contributions and creating new brilliance for the high-quality development of the enterprise!

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