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The Main Features of V-type Ball Valve

The ball center of the V-shaped ball valve is designed with a scissors-type "V"-shaped notch, which has a strong shearing force, especially for some stubbornness, which can be effectively restrained and cut off to ensure normal operation when encountering special media. The design is not only the characteristics of the work, but also reserves a lot of space for later maintenance.

The V-type ball valve adopts a cylindrical spring preloaded structure with a compensating movable metal seat, and the sealing performance is reliable. The ball core and the valve seat will not be blocked or separated, and the service life is long. There is a shearing effect between the V-shaped notch on the ball core and the metal valve seat, which is especially suitable for controlling media with high viscosity, containing fibers, solid particles and pulp. It can be used for switch, cut off and adjustment on the pipeline. Its working principle is to use the top actuator (handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric) actuator to drive the valve stem, and drive the ball center to rotate at a right angle of 90° to switch or adjust the opening of the carbon steel ball valve. That is to say, the choice of drive determines the usage occasion.

1. Characteristics of V-type ball valve

V-type ball valve adopts movable metal seat, automatic compensation function, and has excellent sealing performance and long service life. In the flow direction, the leakage amount is less than or equal to 10-6 × rated flow coefficient. It adopts a metal hard sealing structure. During the rotation process of the ball center and the metal valve seat, the V-shaped notch and the valve seat generate a strong shearing force. The super shear strength can cut off impurities such as fibers, and has a self-cleaning function to avoid valve jamming.

Due to its streamlined shape and full quarter-turn control, the maximum volume is particularly high, the flow capacity is particularly large, and the flow resistance is small, so a smaller and more economical valve size can be used.

The V-shaped ball valve has an approximately equal percentage inherent flow characteristic and a turndown ratio of up to 300:1. Therefore the V-valve can provide control over a wide range of variation. The china valve factory produces V-type ball valve adopts double bearing structure, which has high mechanical stability and small starting torque, which ensures that the valve has excellent sensitivity and induction speed.

2. Working characteristics of V-type ball valve

(1) Handle operation, through the handle on the top, twisting in the right-angle direction drives the ball center of the valve stem to rotate back and forth at a right angle of 90°. This kind of handle driving method can only be used for opening, closing, and cutting off the ball valve. .

(2) Turbine operation, through the top turbine transmission mechanism, the rotation of the handwheel in the (clockwise, counterclockwise) direction drives the valve ball rod back and forth at a right angle of 90°. This turbine drive method can be used for low precision. Adjust the occasion.

(3) Pneumatic operation, through the top pneumatic actuator, using compressed air as power, through matching with solenoid valve and positioner, driving the valve stem to drive the ball center to rotate back and forth at a right angle of 90°, pneumatic operation is mainly used for high-precision cutting, Adjust the occasion.

(4) Electric operation, through the electric actuator on the top, the power supply is used as the power, and the valve stem is driven by the built-in servo module to drive the ball center to rotate back and forth at a right angle of 90°. The electric operation of V-type ball valve is mainly used for high-precision cutting and adjustment occasions.

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