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What Are the Special Designs of American Standard Floating Ball Valves?

The standard floating ball valve is a type of valve that uses a ball with a circular through-hole as the opening and closing element. The ball rotates with the valve stem to achieve the opening and closing action. So what is the design of the American standard floating ball valve? Let Utmost floating ball valve factory take a look together!

Design to prevent blowout of the floating ball valve

The valve stem adopts a whole T-shaped structure with a blowout-proof design to ensure that the valve stem will not be blown out by the medium even in the event of abnormal valve cavity pressure and packing plate failure. The valve stem of the American standard ball valve is embedded in the valve body and has a reverse sealing function.

Design for static electricity prevention of the floating ball valve

The anti-static structure of the floating ball valve uses a spring-steel ball static electricity extraction device, which directly forms a static electricity channel between the ball and the valve body for ball valves with DN ≤ 25, or forms a static electricity channel between the balls through the valve stem for ball valves with DN ≥ 32. This can lead the static electricity generated by friction during the opening and closing process of the ball and seat to the ground through the valve body, thereby avoiding the danger of fires or explosions caused by static sparks.

Structural design for low leakage of the floating ball valve

The continuous load-bearing plate design can ensure that the plate maintains continuous pressure on the packing, thereby ensuring the lasting sealing of the valve stem packing and preventing medium leakage. The dynamic load-bearing plate design and V-shaped packing seal structure are used. The V-shaped packing can effectively convert the pressure and medium covered by the packing into sealing force on the valve stem.

Design to prevent valve stem wear and misoperation of the floating ball valve

The ball-shaped contact between the plate and the sleeve ensures that the sleeve is always perpendicular. A PTFE liner is set inside the sleeve to prevent wear of the valve stem and reduce the operating torque of the valve. The 90° structure design with a locking hole is to prevent misoperation of the valve when it is closed, ensuring that the valve switch indicator is not mistaken. The traditional packing cover is improved to a two-part structure design of the packing cover and the packing cover.

Fire-resistant structural design of the floating ball valve

When a fire occurs on site during the use of the ball valve, the non-metallic sealing material decomposes or is damaged at high temperatures, and the ball valve control valve leaks inside and outside. The floating ball valve adopts a double oblique surface elastic sealing ring or V-shaped groove elastic sealing ring structure design to ensure the reliability of the sealing. For ball valves used in low pressure, ultra-low pressure, or vacuum conditions, a valve seat sealing structure loaded with a plate spring is used to ensure the long-term reliable sealing of the ball valve. Inquiry bulk ball valve for sale at a competitive price.The floating ball valve is mainly applicable to industries such as natural gas, oil, chemical, metallurgy, urban construction, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, and food. The anti-sulfur series products are suitable for natural gas long-distance pipelines containing hydrogen sulfide media, with many impurities, and severe corrosion.

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