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Is There a Directional Requirement for Installing a Globe Valve?

Globe value, a type of valve commonly seen in daily life, can often be found in the plumbing of our homes. Although it is common, many people do not know much about it and may experience problems during self-installation, leading to frequent replacements and complaints about the poor quality of the valve. In view of this situation, we will provide some knowledge about the automated globe valve, so that everyone can have a clear understanding and avoid unnecessary trouble during self-installation.

Overview of globe value

The globe value, also known as a forced-closed valve, is forced to apply pressure to the valve disk when it is closed, which acts to cut off the fluid. Generally, pressure is applied in a screw lift manner by rotating the valve handle, causing the valve stem to descend and driving the valve disk to seal the seat surface with pressure, thus sealing the fluid flow. This is its working principle.

The valve disk of the globe value can be made into a plug type, and the sealing surface can be made into a cone shape. Therefore, the screw lift of the valve stem can control the fluid flow and has good fluid flow control function. Moreover, the valve has a relatively short opening and closing time and good cutting function. Therefore, it is widely used in engineering projects such as water, gas, steam, and oil media, and can be used for both regulation and shut-off. In addition, since the valve disk of the globe value does not produce friction with the valve body, its sealing performance is good and its service life is relatively long, which is its advantage.

Installation of globe value

The installation of the globe value is not complicated, and it is connected by thread connection or flange connection according to the interface mode. However, attention should be paid to the following three issues during installation:


The globe value is directional and must be installed correctly. Generally, there is an arrow indicating the direction on the valve body. We can install it according to the direction of the fluid flow and the arrow direction. If there is no arrow indication, we can judge the direction based on the "low in and high out" principle. If the inlet and outlet port of the valve body cannot be determined directly, we can touch it by hand. The upward direction is the outlet and the straight direction is the inlet. Directionality is important, so do not install it in the wrong direction.

Handle and handwheel globe values have no installation requirements for position

If it is a handle or handwheel globe value, there is no need to require it to be installed horizontally or vertically during globe value operation. The orientation of the handle is not required, as long as it is easy to operate and the position is appropriate. However, for automatic cut-off valves, such as those used for gas, horizontal installation with the handle upward is required, mainly to consider the influence of gravity and sensitivity.

There must be space for the globe value handle to move up and down

According to the opening and closing working principle of the globe valve manufacturer, its handle is extended in the open state and shortened in the closed state. Therefore, when installing, attention should be paid to leaving enough space for handle operation and considering the vertical lifting space of the handle, to prevent the valve from being unable to open or close normally.

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