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Introduction to the Small Diameter and Structure of the Globe Valve

1. The small diameter in the globe valve series

In the design and installation process of small-diameter globe valves, low inflow and high outflow are usually adopted, that is, the globe valve flows from the bottom of the valve clack to the top of the valve clack. The stem torque of the small-diameter globe valve is very small, and the opening and closing operation torque is very small. Even under the influence of working pressure, the influence on the operation is very small, because the influence of the medium flow direction on the difficulty of operation is negligible.

The small-diameter globe valve adopts an unbalanced structure, with low inlet and high outlet. When it is closed, the medium pressure has a small impact on the valve stem and will not affect the valve stem. The valve stem is also immersed in the medium, which is not easy to be corroded by the medium, which effectively protects the valve stem; the packing structure is also effectively isolated from the medium, ensuring the influence of the medium on the packing, and effectively prolonging the life of the valve stem packing. The most important thing is actually a safety issue. If the valve stem breaks or other failures occur, the valve can automatically open to prevent the system from overpressurizing.

Adopting low inlet and high outlet can also effectively avoid the water hammer phenomenon of the stainless steel globe valve. When closing, under the action of the medium pressure, the speed of the valve disc moving down cannot be very fast, and the closing time is relatively long, and it is not easy to cause water hammer phenomenon, cause pipeline vibration, and avoid damage to the entire pipeline-related equipment. UTMOST provides this kind of valve. Besides, we also provide different kinds of industrial valves including wholesale triple offset butterfly valve, wholesale double eccentric butterfly valve, soft seal butterfly valve, eccentric rotary valve, china gate valve and so on.

2. Structural form of globe valve

The distribution structure of the globe valve refers to the conventionally used valve species in which the closing fittings (that is, the conventional disc) are transferred and operated along the center of the valve seat. This type of valve is used to cut off or regulate and cut off the flow of the pipeline when it is working. It is not only used for conventional requirements, but also used for high, medium and low pressure grades of pipelines. What are the distribution structures and commonly used series of globe valves? Compared with china double eccentric butterfly valve and automatic knife gate valve, its structure is different.

(1) DC globe valve

In the direct current and Y-type globe valves, the flow channel of the high temperature globe valve body itself merges with the main flow channel into a structural oblique line, the resistance generated when reaching the working fluid is very small, and it is often used in industrial equipment with high viscosity and solid organic particles.

(2) Right angle globe valve

The right-angle globe valve only needs to switch the flow direction once when conveying the medium, which is more conducive to the pressure reduction of this product, which cannot be achieved by general conventional globe valves. The material selection of right-angle globe valve is basically forging, which is suitable for globe valves with relatively high pressure rating or small diameter.

(3) Straight-through globe valve

The straight-through type is the most commonly used cut-off valve structure. The resistance of the circulating medium is relatively large, and the medium entering and leaving the pipeline is in the same direction and reaches an angle of 180° upward.

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