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Warm Congratulations to UTMOST Testing Center for Successfully Obtaining CNAS National Laboratory Accreditation!

Recently, Utmost flow control technology successfully received the China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)'s recognition decision, and Utmost flow control technology Testing Center was granted the CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate, marking that Utmost flow control technology 's quality management system, management level, and inspection and testing service capabilities have reached international recognition standards and have successfully entered the national accredited laboratory list. This will provide more professional testing and analysis services for the company, colleagues, and customers, and provide more powerful technical support for product research and development, manufacturing, and quality performance.


CNAS, the abbreviation for China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, is a national accreditation body approved and authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Supervision and Management Committee. The CNAS accreditation review process is long, with strict quality requirements and high difficulty. It needs to go through the steps of intention application, formal application, review preparation, document review, on-site review, and formal approval. According to CNAS requirements, it conducts comprehensive evaluations of the laboratory management system operation and testing equipment, testing scope, technology, and personnel capabilities involved in the application project.

Review meeting

On-site review



From August 12th to 13th, the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) conducted an on-site review of Utmost flow control technology Testing Center. CNAS review experts comprehensively evaluated the company's testing center through the examination of operational system documents, observation of the site, assessment of personnel qualifications, and witnessing of on-site experiments. After the evaluation, our laboratory's management system documents, quality and technical records, laboratory facilities and environmental conditions, instrument and equipment management, and technical staff's testing capabilities all comply with the CNAS Accreditation Committee's relevant requirements and regulations. At the same time, the CNAS Accreditation Committee also provided suggestions for further improvement and enhancement of the company.

Testing capabilities


This time, Utmost's laboratory testing areas include metal materials and products, mechanical components, and valve products. There are a total of 54 pieces (sets) of equipment within the accredited scope, including 7 major devices such as a computer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, low-temperature impact testing machine, digital Rockwell hardness tester, three-coordinate measuring machine, valve flow resistance testing system, and low-temperature valve testing system. All important instruments and equipment were utilized during the on-site testing. The testing projects all adopted an automated data system to ensure the accuracy of the testing data, guarantee the quality of the company's products, and provide customers with safer, more reliable testing services.

Utmost Testing Center




The Utmost flow control technology Testing Center is capable of conducting flow characteristic and regulating performance tests on valve products with nominal diameters ranging from DN15 to DN800. The successful CNAS accreditation indicates that the Utmost Testing Center possesses testing capabilities within the accredited scope that are internationally recognized. The company's management, technical proficiency, and overall strength have reached higher standards, allowing it to conduct testing services in accordance with relevant international accreditation criteria. This ensures that the provided testing services are more compliant, accurate, internationally authoritative, and credible. Simultaneously, CNAS accreditation has effectively elevated the management level of the company's laboratory, guaranteeing the fairness and validity of the testing data issued by the laboratory. This fully demonstrates Utmost's laboratory testing and notarial capabilities, thereby safeguarding customer rights and enhancing owner satisfaction.

Moving forward, the company will use this as a new starting point, placing customers at the center and aligning efforts with identified issues and goals. There will be a consistent increase in technological investments to continuously enhance innovative capabilities. The aim is to provide customers with more comprehensive, cost-effective, high-quality products, and technical services. The focus remains on creating value for stakeholders by sustaining a customer-centric approach and fostering ongoing technological advancements.

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