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Empowering Marketing, Gathering Momentum | UTMOST Conducts Closed Sales Training

In March, to enhance the marketing skills of company employees, strengthen the cohesion, combat effectiveness, and core competitiveness of the enterprise, and enable marketing elites to learn professional sales techniques from different perspectives, UTMOST collaborated with external instructors to conduct a diverse and comprehensive closed sales training session.

Gathering Momentum · Striving in 2024


In order to enable sales personnel to learn professional sales techniques from different perspectives, the company has collaborated with external sales talents including Sales Duplication Expert - Mr. Li Jun, Senior Sales Practical Expert - Mr. Xu Lingyun, and Professional Sales Technology Enhancement Expert - Mr. Tan Hongchuan. They will provide detailed interpretations of specialized skills in various fields for sales personnel, covering sales experience sharing, key account management, team management, product knowledge, product market analysis, application of products in different industries, customer visits, and technical exchanges.


During the opening ceremony, Zhao Yanbo, the Sales Director of UTMOST, elaborated on the importance and significance of this training. He also raised higher expectations for the sales staff, emphasizing that all trainees must quickly focus their attention, actively engage in learning and apply what they have learned. Gradually enhancing their marketing abilities and professionalism, they are required to fulfill their duties diligently, act swiftly, and strive vigorously to achieve the company's annual sales targets.


During the training, the instructors systematically explained sales techniques, customer relations, and team management to the sales personnel, covering each point thoroughly. They utilized case studies to delve deeply into the topics, conducting practical exercises and providing immediate feedback to rectify any mistakes. The training encompassed a comprehensive explanation from the fundamental logic to the application of methods and tools. Additionally, the company emphasized a thorough analysis of product technical principles, characteristics, and advantages in practical applications. They highlighted the core strengths and differentiating features of the products, enabling the sales team to gain a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of product technology and solutions. This facilitated a more precise grasp of UTMOST's brand positioning and strategic objectives, instilling confidence and proactiveness in dealing with market changes. By empowering the sales personnel to rapidly grow and master the key to generating orders, this training program aimed to overcome performance challenges effectively.

At the training venue


"This training session is not just about learning business skills; it also enhances our understanding and helps us find clues in the finer details of our work and angles in service details," said Zhang Min, a participant from the Northwest Office. Being customer-centric means focusing on customer needs and values. This closed training session is a concrete implementation of UTMOST's strategy to prioritize customer-centric development. By fully tapping into industry demands, understanding customer needs, and enhancing service efficiency.

This training is just a starting point. In the future, every member of UTMOST will continue to strengthen business learning, constantly improve service quality, and face intense market competition. We will orient ourselves towards customer needs and provide high-quality service with a more professional attitude, solving problems quickly and accurately."

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