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Three Suggestions for Maintaining Stainless Steel Gate Valves

In order to maintain the service life and performance of the stainless steel gate valve, users and manufacturers need to maintain it regularly. There are three specific operations.

1. Keep the structure and moving parts of the stainless steel gate valve clean

The exterior of the stainless steel gate valve, the trapezoidal threads of the stem and stem nut, the sliding parts of the stem nut and bracket, gears and worm gears are all prone to stains. Many stains, oils, moderate residues and other stains can wear and corrode stainless steel gate valves. Therefore, stainless steel gate valves should always be kept clean. As usual, the dust of the stainless steel gate valve can be swept away with a brush and compressed air, with a copper wire brush, until the treated and mating surface has a metallic luster, and the painted surface has the natural color of the paint. In addition, the stainless steel gate valve manufacturer recommends that the flush valve and the downline plug of the valve be regularly opened for flushing, or periodically removed for flushing to prevent dirt from clogging the stainless steel gate valve.

2. Keep the gate valve lubricated

The fittings that keep the stainless steel gate valve lubricated, such as bearing positions, gear meshing, and worm gears, must have good lubrication conditions to reduce mutual friction and avoid mutual wear. For parts that are easily damaged or lost during operation without oil cups or nozzles, it is recommended that the manufacturer repair the lubrication system and check the oil passage. Lubrication parts should be regularly refueled according to specific conditions. Frequent opening high temperature stainless steel gate valves are suitable for lubricating exposed surface parts every other week to a month.

3. Maintenance of daily maintenance of gate valve electrical assembly

Manufacturers of cost-effective stainless steel gate valves believe that maintenance of the electrical assembly is generally at least monthly. Maintenance includes a clean appearance, no dust, no water or oil contamination of components, and firm and accurate sealing surfaces and points. Also, since there should be no signs of leakage, the manufacturer believes that the lubricated parts need to be lubricated as specified, and the seat nut needs to be lubricated. In addition, the electrical components of the gate valve must be intact, the active switch and thermal relay must not be tripped, and the indicator lights must be accurate.

In general, when repairing stainless steel gate valves, the methods described above should be followed. This means that the stainless steel gate valve needs to be cleaned and lubricated in time. Daily maintenance of the stainless steel gate valve electrical assembly is required to prolong the service life of the stainless steel gate valve and provide more use value.

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