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How to Identify Whether Industrial Valves Meet the Standards?

Industrial valves are an important accessory for controlling the flow of media on industrial pipelines. They can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media. These types of valves used in chemical industry are common. The valve consists of three parts: the valve body, the opening and closing mechanism, and the valve cover. Industrial valves are control components in fluid conveying systems that have the functions of shutting off, regulating, diverting, preventing backflow, diversion or overflow. UTMOST provides different kinds of industrial valves including automatic knife gate valve, wholesale double eccentric butterfly valve, soft seal butterfly valve, eccentric rotary valve, china gate valve and so on. Next, professional manufacturers teach you how to identify whether industrial valves meet the standards.

1. Industrial valve quality standard: switch

The on-off control of industrial valves is the first to be tested because it directly affects a range of processes, such as production and transportation. If there is a problem with the on-off control of the valve, the valve is considered faulty and cannot be shipped from the factory under normal conditions. The on-off control of the valve is usually subject to a seal pressure test. If the valve switch is feasible and there is no leakage, the standard is considered to be met.

2. Industrial valve quality standard: leakage

Like on-off controls, leaks can directly affect the production process and must be checked carefully. There are two main types of leaks: one is internal and the other is external. External leaks are mainly caused by improper installation. Therefore, when installing industrial valves, workers are required to install according to the installation requirements to avoid external leakage. Internal leakage is mainly caused by poor sealing and can be divided into two aspects: the product does not meet the standard or the installation is incorrect. Industrial valves need to undergo strict quality inspection in the production process to avoid the above-mentioned quality problems. Sometimes industrial valves are used for too long and can cause leaks. In this case, it can be repaired with a wrench.

3. Industrial valve quality standard: strength

Qualified industrial valve bodies, discs and sealing surfaces must meet corresponding requirements to prevent valve corrosion and affect the production process. Generally, the strength of industrial valves is mainly evaluated from various conditions, such as temperature, corrosiveness and medium pressure.

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