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Basic Knowledge About the Installation of the Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

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Stainless steel trunnion ball valves require distance calibration by the user. The user needs to measure the depth dimensions of the objects to be fastened and connected in advance, and adjust the internal distance of the china trunnion mounted ball valve accordingly. After adjusting the distance, open the external valve and prepare to connect the objects to be fixed and connected. While connecting, slowly push in and adjust the fixed distance slowly at the same time. After confirming the completion of the connection, close the valve of the stainless steel trunnion ball valve to ensure tightness.

Overall, the advantages of the stainless steel trunnion ball valve are applicability to larger objects, more stable and reliable use, and completion of fixation and connection of large objects without excessive effort. In addition, the loss of parts is small, and replacement does not need to be frequently conducted, saving economic costs. The operation of the stainless steel trunnion ball valve requires the user to make some preparations in advance, and only after sufficient preparation can it be used formally.

Trunnion ball valve design

The structural design of the stainless steel trunnion ball valve is relatively simple by ball valve factory. The entire design of the ball valve is by full welding, so as to effectively avoid leakage of some fluid media. Secondly, the elastic principle of the spring is used to closely fit on the surface of the ball valve, thus better ensuring the reliable sealability of the ball valve. In terms of packing seal, flexible graphite is used, which can achieve good fire prevention effect and is particularly suitable for use in some gas systems.

The main material of this equipment is stainless steel, although it has good corrosion resistance, daily maintenance and inspection should also be paid attention to. Especially when not in use for a long time, regular inspection should be conducted to see if it rusts.

Trunnion mounted ball valve applications

Stainless steel trunnion ball valves have many convenient features. Many people who have not used stainless steel trunnion ball valves may have misunderstandings, thinking that it is a difficult-to-use component in actual operation. Once understood, the operation method will become clear.

The orifice size of the stainless steel trunnion ball valve is relatively large, which is convenient for fixing and connecting objects of larger dimensions. The internal parts have interlocking sawtooth designs, which increase the stability of the trunnion ball valve during use. The outside of the stainless steel trunnion ball valve has a supporting structural design, which plays the role of supporting and protecting parts. The trunnion ball valve has a stainless steel buckle design inside, which reduces friction between the various structures inside the parts and further reduces the loss of parts.

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